Monday, 30 July 2007

mkt text

i have a confession to make... i ruined my mkt textbook some time back. i bungkus a styrofoam cup of hot milk tea and placed the cup (with lid of course) in my havesack together with my mkt textbook. then the shuttle bus came and i went up the bus and sat down. i totally forgot that the cup was in the bag, so i placed the bag on my lap, but alas in a horizontal position!!! by the time i realised my mistake it was too late. the cup contents leaked into the bag, totally destroying my beloved mkt textbook. the lower portion of the book was soaked with milk tea. i had to let it dry for a few hours and washed the bag interior several times to get rid of the smell. fortunately the book wasn't totally ruined, only the bottom portion still has the milk tea smell. oh why why didn't i place the bag in a vertical position?! curse my carelessness and forgetfulness and absentmindedness. i guess this is what they mean by milk tea torture. heh.


chrubuky said...

Hey Rainer,

I am also studying Marketing through USQ (MKT1001 this semester). I just found your blog & thought I'd say hi.

Keep up the blogging. I'll drop by every so often to see how your studies are going.

Rainer Teh Weiren said...

chrubuky: Thanks for your support. Best of luck in MKT1001.