Thursday, 19 July 2007

Job Hunting

Yet another day of job hunting, also known as “making the rounds”. Let me tell you, finding a job is not easy. You have to compete with other potential job applicants for your dream job. You have to produce a cover letter and resume. Then you have to wait for a telephone interview, which is also known as the face to face interview shortlist waiting time. Finally you have to go for a face to face interview, where there is a chance that you may screw up the interview by being tongue-tied or providing an incorrect response to the interview questions. Such a long and arduous process, but it is necessary. Even after getting your dream job, working life is not easy. You have to learn how to get along with your colleagues, whether you like them or not. You have to know how to handle a difficult customer. Remember, the customer is always king. The customer is always right. You have to know how to handle superior insubordination. And then there are the office backstabbers. They may pretend to be nice to you in front of you but deep down in their hearts they are saying bad things about you behind your back. They say something but they mean something else. There is also the issue of work blogging where employees blog about their working gripes and working experiences. There are instances where employees have been suspended for work blogging. It all depends on company policy, but on the safe side it is best not to work blog. Ha so long as you don’t mention any names you should be safe.

So I arrived for a walk-in interview. I was brought into the interview room by the Human Resource Manager after filling up an application form. I took a look at the list of job applicants and realized that my name was at the bottom of the list. Gosh about thirty people are applying for the same position! The interview began and she began asking me questions about why I want to work in a pharmacy, how I can make a positive contribution to the pharmacy, customer interaction, part time or full time position, employment duration, expected salary, etc. I answered these questions to the best of my ability, but I had a feeling that I screwed up the interview because I didn’t answer the questions properly. I was told to leave my cover letter and resume with the retail manager and I would be notified by telephone if I have been selected by human resource. With that the interview ended. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the Human Resource Manager for her time and patience. It was a nerve wracking experience, but I came out of the interview stronger and more confident.

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