Tuesday, 24 July 2007

genting highlands

here we are finally at genting highlands. we drove up the winding hill all the way up to genting, i must say the roads have improved a lot ever since the last time i been there. going up is two lanes while going down is also two lanes. it seems like forever before we reached the summit, but at last i glimpsed the familiar genting logo and breathed in the crisp mountain air. the weather was cool, around twenty degrees celsius, with warm sunshine. upon checking into first world hotel, we did some sightseeing, just walking around the sprawling genting campus. at nightfall, we went to the casino de genting and monte carlo to have some gambling fun. we had a go with the one arm bandits and managed to win some money. you have to get five identical shapes to win money. didn't play blackjack, roulette or baccarat though. you don't have to be in black tie attire to enter the casino. i was allowed in wearing jeans and sport shoes.

on the second day, we checked out of first world hotel and checked into genting hotel. we went to the theme park but didn't go in. you see i have a rollercoaster phobia, so i try to stay away from rollercoasters. the water cycling in the lake looks fun. walked indoors and saw the genting eiffel tower. upon nightfall, we went to see the genting arena of stars variety show. the show was pretty interesting, with acrobatic acts and magician acts. that wraps up our three day two night genting visit. i'll probably visit genting again once i start working.

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