Monday, 23 July 2007


did some temping today. basically i was told to answer the phones and watch the shop while my colleague is chaperoning. i tried to make myself useful and learn on the job. did some filing exercise. answered a couple of phone calls. customer interaction. medicine dispensing and patient advice. then i was told to type some letters and envelopes using the electronic typewriter. oh boy this was my first time using an electronic typewriter, it looked like a strange foreign object to me, because i was so used to using a word processor software. margins can be set electronically and any typing mistakes can be corrected by pressing a button which "erases" the typing mistake. but the paper has to be fed manually and manual adjustment has to be made. the keys were similar to computer keys, but they emit a very loud noise when pressed, similar to a typewriter keys. at first i started off with many mistakes, but later on i got the hang of typing and it was a breeze. manual adjustment is not easy, it is actually trial and error to position the typing head at the appropriate position. did it a few times before i got it right. it is not how fast u type, it is how many mistakes u make that matters. typed the receiver's address on envelopes and some official letters. well basically all i did that day was typing stuff. i guess that's what temps do anyway. ah well all in a day's work.

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