Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Haunted Lift

I had a harrowing experience in a hotel lift. In case you are wondering which hotel, I’m not mentioning any names due to privacy concerns. Let’s see. OK I remember it was about 10.30pm on a weekday. I just took a night stroll to get some fresh air. I got into the right corner lift on the lift lobby with another woman. She pressed the “5” button while I pressed the “8” button. The lift stopped at the fifth floor and she got off, but I stayed inside as I’m getting off at the eighth floor. Then the strangest thing happened. The lift door opened and closed repeatedly. I pressed the “Close Door” button but nothing happened. I pressed the “8” button followed by the “Close Door” button but to no avail. Thinking that the lift had a mechanical problem, I quickly rushed out of the lift for fear of being trapped inside permanently. But the lift door was still opening and closing even after stepping out of the lift. It was so eerie hearing the mechanical thunk of the lift door opening and closing. I could hear the wind howling outside. I just stood there in awe watching the eerie spectacle unfold. Without a second thought, I proceeded to enter another lift which safely brought me to the eighth floor. That could only mean one thing – that lift is haunted. That lift is also known as the suicide lift. It only stops at the fifth floor. Enter at your own risk…

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