Monday, 30 July 2007

consumer behaviour

i'll be studying mkt1002 consumer behaviour this semester. in the past i have studied a little bit of consumer behaviour in mkt1001 introduction to marketing, but this time i will be studying this marketing subspeciality in detail. from what i know and understand, consumer behaviour is the study of consumer psychology and consumer sociology, also known as consumer sociopsychology. it also incorporates a bit of household economics or microeconomics. just borrowed some books about consumer behaviour from the library to do some reading up and research. still waiting for the course materials to arrive though and still waiting for usqstudydesk access. placed an order for the recommended course textbook which is due to arrive in a month's time. let's see i have to complete two assignments and the two hour final examination in order to pass the unit. the first assignment consists of three online tests while the second assignment is a written report. the final exam consists of multiple choice questions and short answer questions. ok that shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. is it possible to obtain an A grade (75%-84%)? ha i'll be happy if i obtain a B grade (65%-74%). to tell you the truth i have never got an A grade before. most of my grades are Bs and Cs.

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