Friday, 15 February 2008

Sunday 10 February 2008

The phone alarm rang at 7am, I woke up, switched it off and went back to sleep in the comfortable hotel room bed. Then the phone rang reminding us to wake up for breakfast. Had a quick shower and went down for a sumptuous buffet breakfast. Had baked beans, sausages, potato wedges, sunny side up eggs, coffee, apple juice and orange juice. Checked out of the hotel in PJ and made our way to the KLIA LCCT to drop my brother off. Made our way back to JB via the PLUS highway.

It was an enjoyable trip to Malaysia, we got to meet our relatives in PJ and Butterworth, as well as enjoy the delicious hawker fare in Penang. Not forgetting the ang pow I received from my relatives and parents. Tossing lou hei for good luck and prosperity. Visiting the Penang Bird Park to see the owls and parrots. Enjoying char kway teow, loh bak and chendol in Penang, and bak kut teh in Klang.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Thursday Afternoon

Guess what? Thursday afternoon is Pickle Ball day, a day for some fun and exercise. We all headed to Thomson Community Club for some pickle ball fun. For those not in the know, pickle ball is a game played mostly indoors on a badminton court or outdoors on a badminton court. The badminton net has to be slightly lowered to compensate for the in-game physics. I prefer to play indoors because it can get rather hot during the day when playing outdoors.

Pickle ball is an exciting blend of badminton and tennis. In the game, you use an oversized paddle to hit a huge plastic white or yellow ball over the net. Pickle ball can be played as a singles game or a doubles game, but many players prefer to play doubles because it is more fun and less tiring. The game scoring is quite similar to badminton doubles scoring, where there is first service and second service followed by service over. When your opponent returns your service, the ball must bounce once before you can return the ball to your opponent. This is just one of the many rules of pickle ball. More on that later...

Pickle ball is usually played by senior citizens and retirees, but nowadays the game is also popular with youths and adults. The game is fast and furious with non-stop action, especially the volleying and smashing which can really get the adrenaline flowing and your heart pumping.

There's really nothing much more I can say about pickle ball, except that you have to play the game to experience the thrill and suspense of the game. You can play at your nearest friendly Community Club. I usually play at Thomson CC on Thursdays and Sundays. It can get really crowded on Sundays, so I suggest you play on Thursday where there are less people. Highly recommended!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Pictures of Me

I've been reading other blogs and noticed that the bloggers are posting images of themselves with 8 different hairstyles. I don't have 8 different hairstyles, the most I have is 3 different hairstyles, being the straight arrow I am. I have once gone botak a few years back, and the consequences were disastrous. Let's just say I've been wearing a baseball cap ever since. I usually use hair gel to comb my hair back, or gel the Armani hairstyle. There is student hairstyle and working hairstyle. During my student days, I like to wear a baseball cap when I'm outdoors because I was so lazy to comb my hair. However you can't wear a baseball cap during the final examinations. I was told by the invigilator to remove my cap. He probably thought there was a hidden wireless transmitter under the cap. Nowadays I just comb my hair neatly before going out, don't even bother to apply gel.


doggie fringe

center parting

working look

doggie fringe

Monday, 30 July 2007

mkt text

i have a confession to make... i ruined my mkt textbook some time back. i bungkus a styrofoam cup of hot milk tea and placed the cup (with lid of course) in my havesack together with my mkt textbook. then the shuttle bus came and i went up the bus and sat down. i totally forgot that the cup was in the bag, so i placed the bag on my lap, but alas in a horizontal position!!! by the time i realised my mistake it was too late. the cup contents leaked into the bag, totally destroying my beloved mkt textbook. the lower portion of the book was soaked with milk tea. i had to let it dry for a few hours and washed the bag interior several times to get rid of the smell. fortunately the book wasn't totally ruined, only the bottom portion still has the milk tea smell. oh why why didn't i place the bag in a vertical position?! curse my carelessness and forgetfulness and absentmindedness. i guess this is what they mean by milk tea torture. heh.

consumer behaviour

i'll be studying mkt1002 consumer behaviour this semester. in the past i have studied a little bit of consumer behaviour in mkt1001 introduction to marketing, but this time i will be studying this marketing subspeciality in detail. from what i know and understand, consumer behaviour is the study of consumer psychology and consumer sociology, also known as consumer sociopsychology. it also incorporates a bit of household economics or microeconomics. just borrowed some books about consumer behaviour from the library to do some reading up and research. still waiting for the course materials to arrive though and still waiting for usqstudydesk access. placed an order for the recommended course textbook which is due to arrive in a month's time. let's see i have to complete two assignments and the two hour final examination in order to pass the unit. the first assignment consists of three online tests while the second assignment is a written report. the final exam consists of multiple choice questions and short answer questions. ok that shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. is it possible to obtain an A grade (75%-84%)? ha i'll be happy if i obtain a B grade (65%-74%). to tell you the truth i have never got an A grade before. most of my grades are Bs and Cs.