Monday, 30 July 2007

Music Review

by Rainer Teh

The CD I am reviewing is The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Album. It consists of 18 excellent tracks performed by today’s popular artists.

It contains tracks by Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Fluke, Oakenfold, Rob Zombie, Rob Dougan and other artists. It has a mixture of rock, heavy metal, electronic, techno, trance and orchestral music. The first track by Linkin Park called Session really puts you in the mood of the soundtrack, which is very fast paced and exciting. Although it is only under 3 minutes long, you can hear their superb drumming and turntable scratching, even though this song has no lyrics at all. The second track by Marilyn Manson sounds very demented and demonic. Marilyn Manson is at his best with his angst ridden voice and guitar riffs. He is full of anger in this song and be warned, this song contains a lot of vulgarities. Another track by Rob Dougan is a different version of his same song in the first Matrix album which was called Clubbed to Death. This time it is called Furious Angel and it sounds much better than the first one. You would notice that this song was played while Neo was fighting the multiple Agent Smiths. The rest of the tracks are mainly electronic and orchestral music. Special mention to the track by Fluke called Zion which was played during the Neo Trinity bedroom scene. That song sure puts you in the mood for love. Fans of this movie should buy this soundtrack cause it is worth every cent. But personally, I prefer the first Matrix album. Go buy it now. I give it 75%.

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