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Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Date: Saturday 4 June 2005 (Sat 04/06/05)
Title: Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Location: Golden Village Marina
Time: night

I haven’t written a journal for a very long time already, so I am thinking why am I starting to write a journal again. Well, it can help to improve my English writing skills and my creativity, plus keep my brain active. Hmm, how should I start? Ok, I just watched the movie Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, with my Dad on Friday night. We went to one of those new digital cinemas at Golden Village Marina, and I have to admit that there is not much difference between digital and analogue (traditional film). Well maybe the colours are brighter, more vibrant and more vivid, but it would be my imagination because my brain is telling me that after reading the ads in the newspapers plugging digital cinemas. The sound is also the same, but unfortunately there wasn’t any THX certified audio in the cinema. THX is by the way LucasFilm certified audio specifications for movies, allowing the audience to enjoy the best possible movie sound experience.

Before the movie, I went for my second jog in two days. My muscles (leg) were still sore but I wanted to test my endurance and stamina and push myself to the limit. Well this time I could run a longer distance before going out of breath, and thankfully there was no stitch this time. I made sure I drank a bottle of water before running to avoid dehydration. This time I ran in the different direction, but still the same route, down the hill, along the main road, past the NJC bus stop along Dunearn Rd, past the row of shophouses along Greenwood Ave and finally up the steep slope. Actually I was thinking of joining the Standard Chartered Marathon this year (one quarter marathon), so I might as well start training for it now. I really need to improve my stamina as this is one area I am seriously lacking in.

After a quick shower, I had dinner and then we rushed to the cinema. Along the way, I almost turned right into the opposing traffic at Raffles Boulevard until my father told me. This is the second time I done that already, another time was in front of the Concorde Hotel. OK we found parking and proceeded to claim our tickets after quoting our reference number. You see, I booked the tickets over the Internet. I tried to book two seats next to the left aisle in the centre block, but the booking engine won’t allow me to leave an empty seat in between. Strange isn’t it?! Anyway in the end, I chose two seats close to the centre. The entire block has eleven seats, so there is a four-three-four split of the seats, where the row of three seats is the best because it is right in the centre of the screen. Well at least one of our seats is in the row of three.

The ads before the show were long and boring, including the new MasterCard commercial about Catherine Zeta Jones, the tuk tuk driver and the chimpanzee/orang utan (dunno which one, please help?), and the new Initial D movie coming up, starring Jay Chou! He can sing but can he act? Hey my good friend Mark would definitely love this movie, as he is a diehard Initial D fan. Finally the lights dimmed and the movie started. (about time!)

I’ve got a few questions about the movie. Firstly, why did General Grievous kidnap Chancellor Palpatine? Did he arrange himself to be kidnapped so that he could lure Anakin to him? Secondly, is General Grievous a droid or an alien or both? Thirdly, Anakin became a member of the Jedi Council but he has no powers? Fourthly, how did Leia grow up to be a princess? And how did Yoda end up in Dagobah? The movie was pretty long, about two hours and twenty minutes to be exact. But it really answered many of the Star Wars questions. This has to be the best movie of the prequels, followed by Episode II Attack of the Clones and Episode I The Phantom Menace. For the sequels, it has got to be Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, followed by Episode IV A New Hope and Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Sigh, too bad George Lucas is not making any more movies. I’m gonna watch it again anyway.

On the way home, we passed by the new SMU city campus, and I have to admit it is pretty big, with so many buildings sprawled all over the place. Those shops around SMU such as Coffee Club will definitely benefit from the new campus. This new campus is much bigger compared to the Bukit Timah campus. Reached home, had some durians and mangoes, then went to sleep.

P.S. I’m really annoyed by people sitting in the back row of the cinema, they tend to be more noisy. Please be considerate to other movie goers.

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You sir, are a loser. You play pickleball too much, you sick bastard.