Sunday, 22 July 2007

Nasi Berani

What's for dinner?! I headed out to Sixth Avenue to have dinner at the famous nasi berani store. I managed to find a parking spot even though the place was packed. Cars were parked all over the place, some legally and some illegally. Unfortunately by the time I reached there the nasi berani was already sold out. Sorry no more nasi berani I was told, you may wish to consider mee goreng. No thanks, only nasi berani for me. Not wanting to make a wasted trip, I headed over to Cheong Chin Nam Rd to have dinner at another famous nasi berani store. Parking was a hassle once again, I managed to find a spot far far away. All the tables were filled to maximum capacity at the coffeeshop, so I had no choice but to takeaway chicken nasi berani for SGD5. They also serve mutton nasi berani and tandoori chicken with chapatee or nun, and roti prata and mee goreng as well. Basically it is open 24 hours 7 days a week, it serves great food at reasonable prices. Great for having a midnight snack or supper or just catching up with friends over a glass of teh tarik. Delicious!!! Highly recommended!!!

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