Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Tomorrow Never Dies

Date: Friday 16 January 1998 (16/01/98)
Title: Tomorrow Never Dies
Location: Golden Village Bishan Junction 8
Time: 9.15pm to 11.15pm

The movie starts off with a Terrorist Arms Bazaar in some snow covered terrain. The whole scene was being viewed by M and other important officials in MI5 in London through a surveillance camera. An official argues with M and finally orders a British destroyer to fire a long range missile to the Bazaar area. But M notices that there was a Soviet bomber with two nuke missiles that could kill James Bond who was working undercover there. She orders the destroyer to call the missile back, but it was out of range. But 007 manages to hijack the bomber and shoots his way out of the area and takes off just as the missile exploded. He manages to destroy another plane following him by ejecting the pilot.

After the opening song by Sheryl Crow, the screen shifted to another British destroyer in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, a stealth ship was slowing moving towards the destroyer. Suddenly, two Chinese MiGs flew past the destroyer and ordered the ship to leave China waters. The destroyer checked its position, but their screens showed that they were in international waters. Unknown to them, a CMGN satellite was manipulating the British GPS satellite, fooling the British ship into China waters. The stealth ship then fired a drill into the British ship. The British thought that the MiGs fired on them. The drill was operated by the stealth ship and it drilled its way to the missile room. This caused the ship to sink and it sent out a last message before it sank. The message read “Ship is sinking. Attacked by Chinese MiGs.” The stealth then fired a missile at one MiG, destroying it. It then sent divers to remove a missile from the British ship’s missile room, making it evident that the British destroyed the MiG.

To be continued…

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