Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Pictures of Me

I've been reading other blogs and noticed that the bloggers are posting images of themselves with 8 different hairstyles. I don't have 8 different hairstyles, the most I have is 3 different hairstyles, being the straight arrow I am. I have once gone botak a few years back, and the consequences were disastrous. Let's just say I've been wearing a baseball cap ever since. I usually use hair gel to comb my hair back, or gel the Armani hairstyle. There is student hairstyle and working hairstyle. During my student days, I like to wear a baseball cap when I'm outdoors because I was so lazy to comb my hair. However you can't wear a baseball cap during the final examinations. I was told by the invigilator to remove my cap. He probably thought there was a hidden wireless transmitter under the cap. Nowadays I just comb my hair neatly before going out, don't even bother to apply gel.


doggie fringe

center parting

working look

doggie fringe

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Anonymous said...

Are Armani Hairstyle and "Gay cut" the same?