Friday, 8 June 2007


One of my favourite past times is playing games. Not console games such as XBox or PS, but PC games. I usually play FPS games such as CSS or RTS games such as AOE2TC. Gaming is another way for me to destress after a hard day's work. I have to admit gaming is pretty addictive, once you start you can't stop. Therefore I try to limit my gaming sessions to one hour and take frequent vision breaks to rest my eyes. Please take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and rest your eyes. Marathon gaming sessions are not a good idea because they are harmful to health. Gamers have been known to pass away from gaming exhaustion.

Gaming also requires decent hardware, such as a decent video card, sufficient RAM, a decent processor, a decent gaming mouse, a decent PSU and a decent monitor which supports an optimal resolution and refresh rate. A recommended system configuration is a Nvidia Geforce 7600GT, 1GB RAM, AMD Athlon 64 3200+, a Razer Diamondback gaming mouse, an Antec Truepower II 430W, and a 17" DVI monitor which supports a 1024X768 resolution and a 85Hz refresh rate. A sound card is optional as motherboards today usually come with onboard audio which is sufficient. Speakers are also optional as you can use headphones to emulate stereo or surround sound.

Gaming is not a passive activity, it actually improves creativity, improves teamwork, improves reflexes, and encourages you to think out of the box to solve puzzles. For example, CSS encourages you to use teamwork to achieve an objective instead of going solo to rack up your kills. AOE2TC encourages you to plan your war strategy before executing your war plan. Gaming is also an educational tool to teach flying, driving, typing, languages, math and science, just to name a few. However, games such as GTA and CSS may encourage violence and bloodshed. Killing a terrorist in CSS is not the same as killing an innocent human being in real life. Firing a weapon in a game is not the same as firing a real weapon in real life. PC gaming must not spill over to real life.

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